Tussilago farfara3 early spring 2006
Tussilago farfara3 early spring 2006 0
Anagallis arvensis landing beach Little Spoon 17 Jul 2004
Argentina egedii ssp groenlandica 6-13-03
Bellis perrenis4 France 2006
Cakile edentula2 Cross Is 26 Jul 2004
Centuarea maculosa1 9-10-03
Cornus canadensis2 2 Jun 2006 Abbott I
Lathyrus japonicus var pellitus Ship I Jun 23 2005

Maine Natural History Observatory is dedicated to the inventory and monitoring of species and habitats in Maine. We depend on the continued involvement and support of our contributors and volunteers. Specifically, our goals are to advance the scientific knowledge of Maine's biota by conducting long-term research and monitoring of flora and fauna in various habitats, compile and publish summaries and monographs of Maine's natural history, and facilitate cooperation and exchange of information among organizations, agencies, and individuals inventorying or monitoring species and habitats in Maine.