Boreal Habitat Owl Surveys


When it comes to owls, the saying "you don't find what you don't look for" is definitely true.  In order to know what owls are out there, how they are faring, and checking the status of their key habitats, researchers and volunteers need to go out and observe them.  The Observatory is committed to helping the Maine owl population by spearheading the Maine Owl Survey and launching a nest box program in Maine's most sensitive rare owl habitat.


You can help ensure that Maine's owls and their habitats are protected by donating to the Maine Owl Survey or volunteering to help monitor Maine owls.

Thank you!


What Will These Surveys Do?


The Maine Owl Survey will accomplish 3 things:
  1. It will help fill important data gaps for Maine’s least understood owl species: Long-eared Owls, Northern Saw-whet Owls, and Boreal Owls.
  2. This is the last year of The Maine Bird Atlas (2018-2022) but there are still significant gaps in the Atlas’ owl data. The data collected in these surveys will also be used to fill those gaps.
  3. Finally, these initial surveys will provide the data needed to jumpstart an initiative to install and monitor owl nest boxes in some of Maine’s most sensitive owl habitat.




Ways to Support this Project


Buy the Owls of Maine print




Are you interested in volunteering to run an owl survey or monitor a nest box?  We would love to hear from you!  (Unfortunatly, we don't have the funds to compensate volunteers at this time.)


If you have any questions - get in touch with Logan Parker ( or Glen Mittelhauser (



Contact Logan Parker ( if you are interested in learning more or signing up to monitor a nest box.


Spread the Word

Even if you aren’t able to donate or volunteer, liking and following the Observatory on Facebook and Instagram helps us spread the word about the Maine Owl Survey. Thank you!